Attractions / Place Of Interest / Things To Do on Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island)

Beach in Pangkor Island
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The main attraction on Pangkor Island (Pulau Pangkor) is the beautiful beach on the western coastline. The beaches have clear water and almost white sand. 

Pasir Bogak was the first-developed beach and thus the most popular on Pangkor Island. Pasir Bogak Beach is OK for swimming but gets crowded during the holidays. The beach here has white sand, the largest and most popular beach on the island. The beach is crescent-shaped, and numerous shady trees provide idyllic picnic spots under the canopy of their lush foliage. There are some facilities for boating, fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving (Pulau Sembilan), kayaking and rafting.

Teluk Nipah is the most lively and happening area on Pangkor Island (Pulau Pangkor). A Snow-white sandy beach with clear blue water is a famous gathering place for visitors who love swimming, snorkelling, diving, water skiing and picnic. An excellent place to spend the day sunbathing, swimming, doing water activities, going for hornbill feeding at sunset and having Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) for dinner.

Besides beaches, other places of interest or attraction in Pangkor Island include historical and religious tourist spots such as Dutch Fort, Sacred Rock or Tiger Rock, Floating Mosque, Fu Lin Kong Temple, Sri Pathirakaliamman Temple and Lin Je Kong Temple.

Pasir Bogak Beach

Pasir Bagok Beach is situated at the southwest coast of Pangkor Island. Pasir Bogak Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the island.

Teluk Nipah Beach

Teluk Nipah Beach is the most popular and most lively beach on Pangkor Island.

Coral Beach

Coral Beach is a small calm beach only 500 meters long.

Giam Island

Giam Island is very popular for snorkeling, swimming and even picnicking for families.

Teluk Segadas Beach

Teluk Segadas Beach also known as the virgin beach. It is located on the south side of the island in Pulau Pangkor.

Dutch Fort

The Dutch Fort is the remnants of an outpost of Dutch attempts to control trade in the Malay peninsula.

Sacred Rock

Sacred Rock / Tiger Rock inscribed with graffiti made by Dutch soldiers in the 1700’s.

Floating Mosque

This is an iconic monument of Pangkor Island, al-Badr Seribu Selawat Mosque is the first floating mosque in Perak.

Fu Lin Kong Temple

Fu Lin Kong Temple is the biggest Taoist temple Pangkor Island.

Kali Amman Temple

Sri Pathirakaliamman Temple (Kali Amman Temple ) is a sea-facing Hindu temple on Pangkor Island.

Lin Je Kong Temple

in Je Kong Temple, situated on the northern end of the Coral Beach.

Masjid Sungai Pinang Kecil

The anterior and exterior are full of Islamic touch mixed with Chinese oriental design.

Galeri Panorama Pangkor

Galeri Panorama Pangkor is a small gallery of the history of Pangkor Island.
Lumut Jetty - Gateway to Pangkor Island

Attractions In Lumut

Lumut is the gateway to Pangkor Island. Lumut is famous for seashell and coral handicrafts. Lumut Waterfront is a beautiful waterfront public park. the architecture of the maritime concept is very interesting. Place of interest in Lumut as the following;

  1. Lumut Waterfront
  2. Teluk Batik Beach
  3. Tua Pek Kong Temple
  4. Mangrove Swamp Park
  5. Marina Island
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