Attractions in Pulau Pangkor - Beaches And Island

Sunset in Teluk Nipah Pangkor Island
Sunset in Teluk Nipah

There are quite a lot of beaches on Pangkor Island, but only a few of these beaches are popular among locals and tourists. The rest are secluded and unspoilt.  Pasir Bogak Beach probably is the most popular beach on the island. Another great beach is Teluk Nipah Beach at Teluk Nipah; where you can find clear waters. You can even snorkel in the area, as it is located directly opposite Pulau Giam (Giam Beach) which is the only island that is surrounded by corals. Snorkeling at Giam is inexpensive. Other great beaches are Carol Beach and Segadas Beach (the secret beach). Though Segadas Beach is not that easy to reach, you need to walk from the small town Teluk Gedung via a short jungle trip to the secluded beach, which takes around 20/25 minutes; it probably is the most beautiful beach on the island.

Beaches And Island in Pangkor Island

1. Pasir Bogak Beach

Pasir Bogak Beach Pangkor Island.
Pasir Bogak Beach

Pasir Bagok Beach is situated at the southwest coast of Pangkor Island. Pasir Bogak Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the island. Pasir Bogak Beach is a 1.5 km stretch of soft white sand and clear water, a breath-taking sight making it quite popular in Pangkor Island.

2. Teluk Nipah Beach

Teluk Nipah Beach Pangkor Island
Teluk Nipah Beach

Teluk Nipah Beach (Pantai Teluk Nipah) is located on the western side of Pangkor Island, facing the Strait of Malacca. Teluk Nipah Beach is the most popular and most lively beach in Pangkor Island. Snow-white sandy beach with clear blue water is a famous gathering place for visitors who love of snorkeling, diving, water skiing and picnic.

3. Coral Beach

Coral Beach Pangkor Island
Coral Beach

Coral Beach is a small calm beach with only 500 meters long, Coral Beach is considered the best snorkeling place on Pangkor Island. The underwater coral world of Coral Beach is replete with luminescent mollusks, exotic algae families, holothurians and a variety of fish.

4. Giam Island

Pulau Giam / Giam Island Pangkor
Giam Island

Giam Island (Pulau Giam) is located about a 500-700 meters from Nipah Bay, and 500 meters from Coral Beach, Pangkor Island. It is very popular for snorkeling, swimming and even picnicking for families.

5. Teluk Segadas Beach

Teluk Segadas Beach
Teluk Segadas Beach

Teluk Segadas Beach also known as the virgin beach or Secret Beach. It is located on the south side of the island in Pulau Pangkor. Teluk Segadas Beach is connected to the rest of Pangkor Island by a small jungle path that starts in Teluk Gedong.

5. Watersport Pangkor

Island Hoping
Watersport Pangkor

Watersport is a recreational activities or sport that takes place in or on the water, watersport activities is available at Pasir Bagok & Teluk Nipah Beach. Watersport in Pangkor Island including Island Hoping, Snorkeling Jet Ski, Kayak, Airhead, Big Marble, Banana Boat and Fishing Trip.

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