Pangkor Island ( Pulau Pangkor ) – Giam Island / Pulau Giam

Pulau Giam / Giam Island Pangkor
Pulau Giam / Giam Island Pangkor

Giam Island (Pulau Giam) is located about a 500-700 meters from Nipah Bay, and 500 meters from Coral Beach, Pangkor Island. Giam Island is a popular spot every tourist should not miss when visiting Pangkor Island. It is one of the 2 popular smaller islands fronting Teluk Nipah that are known snorkeling stops. The other neighboring island is Mentangor Island. It is very popular for snorkeling, swimming and even picnicking for families.

There are a lot of tourists wading across the island with the purpose to look for the stunning, colorful corals and aquatic life including seaweeds, sea cucumbers which are popularly sold in town for its healing properties and starfish. For nature lovers, it’s the perfect moment to snap some close shots of these creatures when the water level is still extremely low.

The Giam beach looks clean and the water is clear enough for snorkeling. The underwater is also visible although during crowded days, the waters may turn out murky and unclear. But be careful when snorkeling as there are many sharp corals you can encounter as you search from the beach going into the seawater. It is best to wear protective footwear (dive shoes) when looking for the perfect spot to dip or best waters to snorkel. Better ask the boat operator for the perfect place to snorkel and which site has plenty of sea urchins since this creature may cause injuries to your feet.

We can go to Giam Island with the boat trip service provider at Telek Nipah and Coral  Beach. Majority of hotels and resorts in Pangkor Island offer vacation packages that include island hopping and snorkeling to Giam Island. They usually provide the snorkel equipment and, on some occasion, even the food for lunch. Scuba diving near the island offers a fantastic experience as you get up close to some fascinating marine life like clown fish, turtles and colorful coral reefs.


Giam Island,  Coral Beach,  Jalan Pasir Bagok,
32300 Pulau Pangkor,
Perak, Malaysia.

Location Map – Giam Island / Pulau Giam

Photo – Giam Island / Pulau Giam, Pangkor Island.

360 Degree View – Giam Island / Pulau Giam, Pangkor Island.

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