Pangkor Island ( Pulau Pangkor ) – Pasir Bogak Beach ( Pantai Pasir Bogak )

Pasir Bogak Beach Pangkor Island.
Photo Credit: Google Map @ Pmg Pitchai

Pasir Bagok Beach is situated at the southwest coast of Pangkor Island. Pasir Bogak Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the island.  Pasir Bogak Beach  is a 1.5 km stretch of soft white sand and clear water, a breath-taking sight making it quite popular in Pangkor Island. The beach is crescent-shaped with coconut palm trees separating the sand beach, providing protection from the heat wave during midday. The atmosphere is serene and the water is calm, making it suitable for people who wanted to relax on the cozy breeze of the sea. Because the water level isn’t too deep and has little current, it makes a safe place for children who like to frolic in the water. Sitting in front of the beach, you can enjoy the view of Pangkor Laut Resort, an exclusive resort miles away from Pangkor Island.

The beach hosts numerous water sport facilities such as snorkeling, wind-surfing, fishing and sailing, canoe, jet ski and snorkeling gear. This wide range of activities makes Pasir Bogak Beach a famous recreational site for both locals and tourists. Along the beach are multitudes of open-air food stalls offering exotic seafood delicacies such as fish crisps, barbequed fish and squid and satay.


Pasir Bagok Beach, Jalan Pasir Bagok,
32300 Pulau Pangkor,
Perak, Malaysia.

Location Map – Pasir Bogak Beach ( Pantai Pasir Bogak )

Photo – Pasir Bogak Beach Pangkor Island.

360 Degree View – Pasir Bogak Beach Pangkor Island.

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