Pangkor Island ( Pulau Pangkor ) – Teluk Nipah Beach / Pantai Teluk Nipah

Teluk Nipah Beach Pangkor Island - Sunset
Photo Credit: Tourism Malaysia

Teluk Nipah Beach (Pantai Teluk Nipah) is located on the western side of Pangkor Island, facing the Strait of Malacca. Teluk Nipah Beach is the most popular and most lively beach in Pangkor Island. Snow-white sandy beach with clear blue water is a famous gathering place for visitors who love of snorkeling, diving, water skiing and picnic.

Teluk Nipah Beach has preserved its pristine nature. This allows visitors to meet in the district exotic representatives of the local fauna: rhinoceros birds, monkeys, monitor lizards.

The coast overlooks the uninhabited islands of Mentagor and Giam. These two islands can be reached on a rented kayak or boat trip. They are interesting not only for pristine beaches but also for diving sites with corals and various marine inhabitants.

There are a lot of shopping stalls along the entire Teluk Nipah Beach, especially seafood stalls and clothing stalls. There are a lot of guesthouse, resorts and hotels in this area. Finding a guesthouse offering affordable services is not a problem.

Many visitors rent a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle to explore the surroundings of Pangkor Island, these modes of transport are much cheaper than taxis. Those who are fond of trekking are advised to make an exciting climb to Tortoise Hill. You can take unique pictures from this mountain, located in the central part of the forest reserve.


Teluk Nipah, Jalan Pasir Bagok ,
32300 Pulau Pangkor,
Perak, Malaysia.

Location Map – Teluk Nipah Beach / Pantai Teluk Nipah

Photo – Teluk Nipah Beach / Pantai Teluk Nipah

360 Degree View –Teluk Nipah Beach / Pantai Teluk Nipah

Youtube Video –Teluk Nipah Beach / Pantai Teluk Nipah

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