Pangkor Island ( Pulau Pangkor ) – Teluk Segadas Beach

Teluk Segadas Beach
Teluk Segadas Beach. Photo Credit:

Teluk Segadas Beach also known as the virgin beach. It is located on the south side of the island in Pulau Pangkor. Teluk Segadas Beach is connected to the rest of Pangkor Island by a small jungle path that starts in Teluk Gedong. Most of the visitors don’t know much about this little beach, it’s a bit difficult to get to this beach.  There is no road to this place directly, we have to go through about 20-25 minutes of jungle trekking to reach this beach through hills.

In the Teluk Segadas Beach bay, the water is calm and not too deep, excellent for swimming and playing. Local people knew this beach for a campsite. We can camp there and stay for 2 days while enjoying the breeze coming from the jungle and sea. No water and food for sales on this beach, we need to prepare our water and food to visit this beach.

You are not advised to go to this beach without a local guide. 

Location Map – Teluk Segadas Beach

Photo – Teluk Segadas Beach

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