Hotels on Pangkor Island / Accommodations on Pangkor Island

Hotels / Resorts on Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island Maps

Hotels on Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island)

We have divided the list of the hotels/resorts on Pangkor into 3 locations as the following;

  1. Teluk Nipah Beach – The most lively area on Pangkor Island, There are a lot of shops, restaurants, food stalls, and water sport service providers in this area. We can get a lot of hotels, resorts and guesthouses in Teluk Pasir. 
  2. Pasir Bagok Beach – This area have a lot of seafood restaurants, an especially Chinese seafood restaurant. Many resorts with three stars and above are located in Pasir Bagok.
  3. Other Location – Pangkor Town (Pekan Pangkor), Teluk Dalam and Pangkor Laurt Island.

Hotels / Resorts at Teluk Nipah

Hotels at Teluk Nipah

Hotels / Resorts / Guesthouses at Teluk Nipah

  1. Anjungan Beach Resort
  2. Nipah Bay Villa
  3. MNY Hotel & Resort
  4. Joe Fisherman Inn
  5. Vagary Pangkor
  6. Nipah Guesthouse
  7. Utan Teluk Nipah
  8. Pangkor Bay View
  9. Pangkor Palm Bay Resort
  10. Ombak Inn Chalet
  11. Hornbill Resort
  12. Suria Beach Resort

Hotels / Resorts at Pasir Bagok

Hotel at Pasir Bagok Pangkor

Hotels / Resorts at Pasir Bagok

  1. AVI Pangkor Beach Resort
  2. Coral Bay Resort
  3. Sandy Beach Resort
  4. Puteri Bayu Beach Resort
  5. Pangkor Holiday Resort
  6. Kejora Garden Resor
  7. Vikri Beach Resort
  8. Uptown Beach Resort
  9. Pangkor Village Beach Resort

Hotels / Resorts on Pangkor Island - Other Location

Hotels / Resorts on Pongkor Island – Other Location

  1. Pangkor Laut Resort
  2. Casuarina @ Pangkor
  3. Hotel Nelayan
  4. Hotel Pangkor SJ
  5. Pangkor Bus Resort
  6. Pangkor Home Sea Village
  7. Capital O 89876 Safari Hotel
  8. OYO 44078 The Island Hotel
  9. Tiger Rock Pangkor
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