Joe Fisherman Inn - Teluk Nipah Pangkor Island

Joe Fisherman Inn
Joe Fisherman Inn (Photo Credit :

 Joe Fisherman Inn is a resort located at Teluk Nipah (Nipah Bay), just 10 minutes drive from the Pangkor main jetty.  This resort is provided 43 fully-featured rooms that offer a combination of luxury, comfort and exotic uniqueness to the guests. These are wooden paneled rooms built in a concrete main structure, a revolutionary concept if you may call it, to give you a special feeling of living in a natural traditional ambience within the modern facility, to suit our theme of boutique accommodation. We are an “organic” hotel, as we don’t use chemical-based finishing. 


Joe Fisherman Inn
Lot 4452, Teluk Nipah,
32300 Pangkor,
Perak, Malaysia.

Tel: +6 05-6851877

Location Map - Joe Fisherman Inn - Pangkor Island

Photo – Joe Fisherman Inn - Teluk Nipah Pangkor Island

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