Getting Around on Pangkor Island / Transportation on Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island is a small island, the main road around the island is only about 18 km. No ferry service to carry visitors’ vehicles to the island, no public transport such as buses in Pangkor Island. The main transportation on the Island is pink taxis (pink colour van), rented motorcycles, bicycles and cars.

Pink Taxi on Pangkor Island

Pink Taxi on Pangkor

Pink Taxi or Pink Van is the main public transport on Pangkor Island. Visitors are able to get Pink Taxi easily at Pangkor Jetty Terminal, Hotels area, main attractions or tourist spot. The fare to rent a Pink Taxi to round the island is about RM40-RM 60 depending on the season. 

Rented Motorcycles, Cars And Bicycles

The best transportation mode for us to move freely on this island is to rent a private motorcycle, bicycle or car. The motorcycle is the best transport mode on this small island at an affordable price. However, if you visit in a group, rent a car is the best choice. For visitors who like cycling, you can rent a bicycle as your transport mode on this island.


  • Car – Starting from RM90 per day depending on the season and type of car.
  • Motorcycle – Starting from RM40 per day.
  • Bicycle – Starting RM15 per day.

Visitors are able to get the vehicle renting service at the Pangkor Jetty and hotel area at Teluk Nipah and Pasir Bagok.


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