Hasnah Corner - A Malay Restaurant on Pangkor Island

Hasnah Corner - Pangkor Island
Hasnah Corner (Photo Credit : Google Map @ Norell Norzri

Hasnah Corner is a Malay restaurant popular with Nasi Campur (Mixed Rice). Nasi Campur (Mixed Rice) is one portion of white rice with a variety of side dish options available to your preferences. Hasnah Corner is a good place for us to taste the traditional Malay food on Pangkor Island. There are more than twenty types of dishes for your selection. 


No 1, Selera Pangkor, Jalan Pantai Bogak,
32300 Pangkor,
Perak, Malaysia.

Business Hour:
11.00 am -4.00pm

Location Map – Hasnah Corner - Pangkor Island

Photo – Hasnah Corner - Pangkor Island

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